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1. Real Name: Abul Bashar Arman
2. Face Book Name: Arman khan
3. Nicknames: Armani
4. Birthday: sep. 10
5. Sex : Male
6. Martial Status: Single
7. Zodiac Sign: Virgo
8. Grade: ENG
9. Institution: many
10. Occupation: Writer, poet, RJ at radio, Singer, hacker, fb master, computer expert
11. Nature: Loving,Caring nd Kind Lil bit Attitude As Well
12. Best Quality: Caring,Loving & sweetness
13. Worst Quality: Straight Forward & HyperneZz 

14. Hair Color: Black
15. Hair Length: Changes By Time 
16. Eye Color: Dark Brown 
17. Nose: normal 18. Lips: normal
19. Complexion: Fair  
21. Weight: 50 Kg 
22. Height: 5.6 Ft 
23. Build: Slim n Smart 
24. Glasses: yes 
25. Piercings: N0 
26. Tattoos: N0 
27. Righty or Lefty: RIGHTY  MY FIRSTS?  
28. First best friend: MYSELF 
29. First Award: When I was in nursry. 
30. First Professional Job:still studing 
31. First Sport joined: badminton 
32. First pet: No. 
33. First Vehicle: Mountain Bike. 
34. First Gift from MOTHER: Love. 
35. First Gift from FATHER: Kindness. 
36. First Gift from GF: don't have. 
37. First Hand Watch: quards. 
38. First Real Vacation: swat valley. 
39. First phone: sony ericson. 
40. First Love: i didn't fell n love.

41. Movie: Love Story, college story 
42. Serial: pyar kii ye ek kahani dil mill gaye milay jab hum tum 
43. Paki Male Model: no 
44. Paki Female Model: maria wasti 
45. Paki Designer: no 
46. Color: Black, & White. 
47. Rapper: N0 
48. Band: no 
49. DISH: biryani, rosted chiken. 
50. Friends: very few but precious 
51. Sweet: Ice Cream, choclate 
52. Sport to Play: chess, badmenton 
53. Restaurant: every. 
54. Brand: every  VERSACE & MORE? 
55. Car: B.M.W 
56. Bike: HONDA CG125 
57. Animal: LION 
58. Personality:Myself 
59. Book: Quran  MY FUTURE?  
60. Want to be Married: no 
61. Age to be married: 28 
62. Want Kids: never 
63. Where do you want to live: London,New York, Paris.

65. Hair color: light brown 
66. Hair length: Normal 
67. Eye color: Brown 
69. Cute or Stylish: Both :) 
70. Lips or Eyes: Both :) 
72. Short, Tall Or Normal: Normal 
73. Easygoing or serious: Both 
74. Romantic or Spontaneous: Romantic 
75. Fatty or Skinny: Normal 
76. Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive 
78. Sweet or Caring: a bit of Both   

 I EVER ?  
81. Had Alcohol: never 
82. Been in a police station: No No Never 
83. Admit in Hospital: No 
84. Ran Away From Home: Never
85. Broken a bone: No 
86. Got an X-ray: No 
87. Been with someone: no  
88. Broken Someone’s Heart: I think No but God better knows 
89. Had One Sided Love: No 
90. Cried When Someone Died: Yeah 
91. Cried At School: maybe    DO I BELIEVE IN  
92. God: 101% 93. Miracles: Actually. 
94. Love At First sight: Yeah. 
95. Ghosts: No Ghsstz itz Just faKed uP. 
96. Aliens: Nah. 
97. Soul: Yeah 
98. Angels: Hmmmm.. 
99. Horoscopes: lil bit. 
************************** ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥
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